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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -Louisiana’s Economic Development Department has now “certified” a fifty-acre industrial park in DeQuincy.

That means a business looking for fifty shovel-ready acres can find them in DeQuincy.

For many years the Industrial Park next to the airport has been available but has had no development. But now the site is certified by the LED which means it’s been investigated and examined to detect any issues that might disrupt a new business startup.

The announcement was made this week at city hall.

Economic developers hope the designation will help attract new tenants to the park which is zoned for light industrial or commercial use.

Gus Fontenot is with the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance.

“It provides a major advantage in that it allows a business to get to market much faster. They don’t have to worry about any delays that could pop up based on something that comes up after, such as the site being an environmental issue, an endangered species issue. A cultural artifact is found. Any of those things that would cause a major delay,” said Fontenot.

For DeQuincy, the certified park offers the prospect of more residents living and working in the same city. Now, many have to travel to another city for work. Dequincy City Planner Mary Jo Bayles says they hope it will lead to jobs.

“To a town the size of DeQuincy if we had a visit that came in that had 50 to 100 jobs, it would be like 1500 to 2000 in a city the size of lake Charles,” said Fontenot.

She says they want quality of life things that come with growth.

“Theaters, restaurants, that type of thing”

So now– they wait. The availability of the site, suitable for commercial and light industrial, is being advertised and they are hopeful. For more information about other sites in Louisiana check out the Entergy site selection web site. The LED has information about apply for site certification.

By Theresa Schmidt | January 17, 2020 at 6:52 PM CST - Updated January 17 at 7:08 PM